Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scripture Mastery Cards

I love interacting with other Seminary Teachers. This morning I attended our monthly Inservice Training and I always leave with new energy and so many great ideas from other teachers. Sometimes I grumble about giving up a Saturday morning for this meeting, but I quickly repent when I attend and feel the spirit as we are instructed  in this most important work of teaching the gospel to the youth.
Another way I enjoy interacting with other teachers is right here on the internet. I am a big fan of my friend, Pam and her blog Seminary Moments.
Today she shared a simple, yet fabulous idea for scripture mastery. I love it because it makes use of the information on the back of the Scripture Mastery cards that we easily over look as we are pushing to memorize the scriptures. Click HERE to read about her great idea and so many others. She inspires me to be a more effective teacher.
I wish teachers from all over the world could meet together once per year and share share share.

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