Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making The Scriptures Part of Our Lives-Visual Aid

Showing a bottle of ibuprofen, I told my students that my Doctor recommended that I take 2-3 pills for my aches and pains. Then I opened the bottle, took out a few pills, and taped them to my jacket. I told them I have been using this medication for a few days and it is not helping. Of course, they noted the obvious and told me that I need to swallow the medication and put it in to my body in order to receive the benefit.
This opened the door for a discussion on the need to open our hearts and make the scriptures part of our lives, living the doctrines and counsel vs just reading or not reading at all.
We also discussed the need to do things differently if what we are doing every day does not seem to work.
Lots of great discussion with this visual.
It was effective and when class was over, I went on my way to the next phase of my day. I dropped my children at school and ran a few errands. It was not until my final stop a the grocery store that the clerk checking out my groceries asked me WHY I have pills taped to my jacket. 
If you are a Seminary teacher, you can relate to this. 

I am sure I provided some staring entertainment for many people while I was out and about.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Gingerbread Houses and Scripture Mastery

I hosted my Seminary class at my house this week for an evening class activity.
Thursday was a late start for public school and only 5-6 of my 27 students would 
have been able to attend class that day. 
By holding a class activity on Wednesday evening, 
everyone could attend and join in the fun!
We made my specialty gingerbread houses- something I have enjoyed sharing 
with hundreds of children and adults over the past 30 years!
Scripture Mastery verse, Helaman 5:12 - building on a strong foundation was reinforced.
 My students enjoyed spending time talking with each other and just 
getting to know each other better in a different setting. 
I got to know each of them better and I hope they felt the same about me.
 Every house was unique and turned out great!

We enjoyed a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, and singing 
Christmas carols.