Monday, June 20, 2016

Holi Powder Young Women Value Hike and Finishers Festival

As I am merging most of my Young Women-Young Men Activities with my Seminary blog (most ideas can be adapted for any youth activity/lesson), I am posting one of my most requested activities from Young Women Camp.
The Young Women Value Hike and Finisher's Festival
was, hands down, one of the best Young Women Camp activities I have participated in. I had the initial idea of using Holi Powder and "getting the YW Values on you-making them part of you" and my Assistant Camp Leader pulled it all together with the activities for each Value along the way. I have seen this used for a weekday activity and for a combined youth activity "color wars". There are so many possibilities. Enjoy!

Review and Thank You Activity

An Activity is not over until the Thank-You notes are written and sent.
An often overlooked detail of planning an activity is the review and thank you step.
When teaching leadership to youth and adults, this detail is just as important as the assignments made for before and during the event.
After our Young Women Camp last week, I hosted the Youth Camp Leaders (YCL) for a "Review and Thank You" activity.
We wrote thank you notes to every adult who helped with Camp (Stake and Ward Leders) and reviewed every aspect of camp while it was fresh on their minds.
We discussed how many people helped to make camp a positive experience, even the work of those who helped with preparations and did not attend camp.
At the end of the activity, I collected the envelopes filled with the Thank you notes and distributed them a few days later at a "Thank You" Dinner I hosted at my home for the Ward and Stake Camp Leaders.
It was such a wonderful note to end camp on. There was a spirit of love, unity, and gratitude for all.
I recommend including this step in any activity (large or small) that you are in charge of.
 Envelopes for the Thank You notes
Camp Cookies using the recipe from our camp cook
Breakfast for those who spent the night
Review and Thank You activity

Young Women Torch Activity- Camp Craft

The other hat I wear is Stake Young Women Camp Leader (you could easily adapt this to a Seminary project/gift - I made
  "Plan of Happiness" pillowcases 
for my Seminary students a few years ago. Attach a note that says, thank you for choosing Seminary over your pillow each morning...)
Our theme this year was, Go For The Gold.
Each year, I look for a craft project that is meaningful, not just something to fill time or keep the girls busy. Ideally, the project is something they will use when they return home and it will remind them of their Camp experience.
The project  for this year could be done for any Young Women activity, not just camp.
I purchased plain pillowcases and had a T-shirt company print our Camp logo  (similar to the YW Torch logo) on them.
Each girl received a pillowcase and had the opportunity to paint it however she desired. The girls were encouraged to sign each others' pillowcases, many did, but not all.
I had enough pillowcases for each Ward to paint and sign one for their Bishop. We presented them to the Bishops on Bishops' night.
Many years, there are a few girls who are not interested in making a craft or participating in the art/craft project. This year, EVERY girl wanted to paint a pillowcase for herself.
As the photos below show, each pillowcase was painted to reflect the wide interests of each girl.