Friday, March 8, 2013

Lift Others To Higher Ground

Acts 3 (Adapt for the 2013 Theme-Stand In Holy Places)
My friend, Pam, at Seminary Moments gave me this fabulous idea. It was based on the paper plate activity I used at the beginning of the year. She adapted it in a completely new way. We discussed James and John healing the lame man and "lifting him to higher ground", literally and figuratively. The students had to follow a path and to get to higher ground (the stage) one rule was that they could not get to the higher ground (stage) on their own, they could not do it alone, they needed help.
It was interesting to see them work together and naturally reach out their hands to lift each other.
We talked about how to lift others and that we will all need to be lifted by others at some point in our lives.
With this activity the students had to move along the path (the black line) and stay on a plate (their burden) as they walked the path, they would meet someone who could lift them to higher ground (the stage) where they could be relieved of their burdens.
We returned to the classroom and discussed how those doing the lifting had to be strong, etc. I used the Bible video that Pam used and this quote by President Harold B Lee from April 1973 General Conference:
"You cannot lift another soul until you are standing on higher ground than he is. You must be sure, if you would rescue the man, that you yourself are setting the example of what you would have him be. You cannot light a fire in another soul unless it is burning in your own soul."

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