Friday, October 28, 2016

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John...I Went Down To Jerusalem Game

Take a familiar game, "Fruit Basket Turnover" and adapt it for Seminary, Sunday, School or any Youth Group Activities.
Rather than names of fruit, use names of the Apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke,  and John.
Play this game any time during the year.
The beauty is that it takes zero preparation and it gets them up and moving while they are reviewing the names of the 4 Apostles

In the "Matthew, Mark, Luke, John" version, the person in the middle says, "I went down to Jerusalem and I saw__________" (Person can call out 1, 2, or 3 names. If they want to call all 4 names, they say, "I went down to Jerusalem and saw all 4 Apostles who wrote the Gospels." or something similar.

The people who are assigned the name(s) that the person calls out must quickly get up and change seats with the others who have the same name.
The person in the middle tries to grab one of their seats in the process.
The students love the lively, fast pace of this game.