Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Parable of the Ten Virgins- Lamps of Faith

We made lamps of faith as we discussed the parable of the ten virgins from Matthew 25:1-13
I debated as to what type of clay to use. After some consideration, I decided to use Crayola Air Dry Clay- the terracotta color.  I suppose you could purchase white and color it, but I was not up for that experiment.
This clay was just messy enough for the students to have the "I worked with clay" experience, yet not too messy and very easy to clean up.  Not "globby" messes or stains on tables, clothing, etc.
I did cover the tables with disposable plastic but if I had not, the tables would have wiped clean with little effort.
I had Lysol wipes available for hand washing.
This video from the Seminary New Testament Manual was very effective at providing many points of discussion and in helping the students know what to shape their lamps like.

When our lamps are hardened, I hope to add wicks and light them and reinforce our discussion on the need to add oil to our lamps daily, build our testimonies and to Know, not Know About, Jesus Christ