Monday, July 21, 2014

True To The Faith of the Pioneers

Oh, how I miss President Gordon B Hinkley. Especially when I read and watch this Mormon Pioneer tribute.
At some point during the Seminary year, I will share this.
The video, "Faith In Every Footstep: An Epic Journey",  before his message is beautiful.

Read, watch, and enjoy:
"True To The Faith"

Here is another beautiful perspective on the Pioneer legacy:
"Under Covenant Toward The Promised Land"


Saturday, July 19, 2014

What They Need To Know

For LDS Seminary Teachers, Young Men/Young Women Teachers, Sunday School Teachers:
What They Need To Know by Damon Janis

I highly recommend purchasing a copy of this book and reading it.
You will want to mark it up, and read it more than one time.
The only place I know to get it is from Amazon.
Click HERE to order your very own copy.
It is available as a kindle book, also.
I have read it twice now and each time I learn something new.
It is an easy read, packed with fabulous advice.
Don't let the fact that it is specifically written by an Early Morning Seminary Teacher for other Early Morning Seminary Teachers make you think this isn't something you will benefit from.
All teachers, especially those who teach youth, will benefit from the concepts taught in this book.