Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scripture Mastery Obstacle Course

I set up an obstacle course for the purpose of reinforcing the key words in 2 Nephi 31:19-20 (this can be used for any Scripture Mastery passage or Article of Faith)
I used the gym, stage, the kitchen, and our classroom.
It was not as complicated as it may sound and it went quickly. We were able to work on more Scripture Mastery and have a short thought from the lesson.
Here is how it worked:

  • While we were still in the classroom, I assigned everyone a partner.
  • Each student was told to bring their journal and something to write with as they went through the obstacle course.
  • I just used what I had at home to come up with each activity. I got some of the ideas from a fellow Seminary teacher, Katie Gurney, and adapted them to fit this activity.
  • At the end of each activity, students were to look inside a brown bag to find the new key word (s) and write them in their journal.
  • After completing the course and collecting all the key words, students were to return to the classroom, determine which Scripture Mastery verse(s) the key words were from, write the passage in their journals, repeat it to their partner, then go to the kitchen for the final key word (prize) "eternal life" which was a pot with gold foil covered chocolate coins.
  • Here are the activities on the obstacle course
  • Wheelbarrow race through the "strait and narrow" way (I put a long table on it's side up against a wall to create a narrow path)
  • Balance a Book of Mormon on your head (Word of Christ)
  • Balance grains of wheat on a spoon while walking to next table, then pour into a can (unshaken faith)
  • Walk to next station without shoes/feet touching the wood floors-I provided paper plates for them to use however best they felt would accomplish this task (wholly on the merits)
  • Lift hand weights on the way to the next station (press forward)
  • Jump rope on the way to the next station (steadfastness)
  • Use flashlights to go up the stairs to the dark stage and find the next clue (brightness of hope) This was good as I had a black paper pinned to the black stage curtains with the words "Brightness of hope" written in gold. It took some searching and effort to find this clue.
  • Write on a small paper heart a kind word or words about someone in the class and glue it in your journal (love of God and all men)
  • Using 2 forks (1 per team member), without piercing the orange, balance it on both forks as you walk to the next station (feasting upon the words of Christ) 
  • Crawl to next station and do 10 push ups when you get there (endure to the end)
  • Instructions at this station: Return to classroom, determine which Scripture Mastery verses contain these key words, write the passage in your journal, repeat out loud to your  partner, go to the kitchen to receive the final key word and ultimate prize (eternal life)
Here are some additional photos

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scripture Mastery Game

My class needed a little kick-start to re-kindle their enthusiasm for Scripture Mastery.
This game sparked that enthusiasm:

I chose all the Scripture Mastery selections that have only 1 verse ( I left out 1 Nephi 3:7 and 2 Nephi 2:25 because most of them know those two scriptures)
Using the Scripture Mastery cards, I wrote the key word/phrases for each scripture on a word strip.
Place the word strip inside a balloon, blow it up, and tie it.
Before class, I scattered the balloons all over the Cultural Hall (my students meet across the hall and did not see this prior to class)

Each student was instructed to get a partner and depart for the Cultural Hall
Once there, each partnership could choose 1 balloon.
When I said "GO" they were to pop the balloon using these guidelines:

  • No touching the balloon with Hands or Feet
  • Both partners must be touching the balloon
  • Once the balloon pops, they were to open the strip of paper and read the  key word or phrase 
Once they have the key word or phrase, they were to return to the classroom and determine which scripture reference it matched.
Each person was to write the scripture in their journal and then, with their partner, develop techniques to practice and memorize the scripture.
It was amazing to see how quickly they memorized a scripture and could pass it off to me.
When they passed it off, they marked our classroom Scripture Mastery Chart and got a treat from the Scripture Memorization jar.

  • Everyone memorized at least 1 scripture today.
  • For 2 students, it was the first time they memorized a Scripture Mastery verse.
  • About half of the students memorized another scripture once they had gained confidence by memorizing one.
  • And the real BONUS? 3-4 students memorized three scriptures.
Of course, the true BONUS is that these scriptures become part of them and as Elder Richard G Scott teaches, to memorize a scripture is to gain a new friend. These are the best friends a person can have, especially a teenager who is faced with so much temptation.

As a follow up, I will call on each partnership at the beginning of class over the next days and ask them to give tips on how they memorized the scripture and any techniques they find helpful

Having them teach is a very effective way to reinforce the scriptures they are learning.

You may adapt this and put the same scripture clue in each balloon.

Happy Teaching!