Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh What Do You Do In The Summer Time?

This is not necessarily Seminary related, but many of you work with Young Women, attend  YW Camp, help with Camp, or help with other Youth activities in your Wards and Stakes.
This activity, posted on my personal blog, is from our Young Women's Camp last week and is something I know you will want to share or adapt for your own needs.
Click HERE for details, meanwhile, these photos speak volumes:
 My daughters and me covered with the Young Women Values.
The Young Women Values will only benefit us if we "get them on us"
and make them part of our daily lives.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Seminary Book of Testimony

Each student wrote their testimony on a "plate of gold" and we compiled it in to our own 
"The Book of Palm Beach & West Palm Beach Seminary"
Most of their thoughts were based on the 
"I Know..... Because...." statements we have discussed.
We displayed this on the day of our Seminary Sacrament Meeting and
at our End of Year Breakfast.

Titles of Liberty

 We made individual Titles of Liberty when we studied Alma. I kept them until the end of the year and displayed them at our breakfast. Most of them were very well thought-out and meaningful.

Seminary Sacrament Meeting 2014

You are looking at an amazing group of young men and young women.
Last Sunday, we sang in Sacrament Meeting for both Wards in our building.
In addition to singing, I presented the students with their awards for
Attendance, Course Completion, Scripture Mastery, Book of Mormon Reading
We are missing a few students in the photos below, 
but this is the wonderful sight I get to see each morning at 6am.
For more details, click HERE
 They love being together, they love coordinating the colors they will wear when they sing, they just love life and I love them.

End Of Year Celebration 2014

We held our end of year breakfast and celebration last week.
Many of my students cannot attend class during exams this last week of school due to transportations issues, which is why I wanted to have the breakfast early this year. 
Read HERE for more details on this wonderful tradition.
 I have had these basic decorations for many years, each year, I just get them out and make a few minor adjustments or additions.

 Of course, the liahona is at the food serving table...
Another wonderful year behind us. I LOVE my students, and I LOVE the Book of Mormon. I also love sleep, so I am looking forward to a little more sleep this summer.