Tuesday, February 28, 2017

General Conference Countdown

Tomorrow, March 1, my Seminary Class will make a General Conference countdown paper chain.
I am still developing the idea, but each day that we remove a link, I would like to share a quote about preparing for General Conference, following the counsel received in General Conference, how to take notes, etc.

Will edit as this plan evolves.
Feel free to leave a comment as to how this can be memorable and effective.

Passover 2017

Each year, I host a Passover Seder with my Seminary Class.
It is a much anticipated event for my students and fondly remember for those who are graduated.

I just read that BYU is hosting Passover Seders this year.
Very exciting. I will be out there for at least one of the dates. Maybe I will attend?
Here is a link for past years of my Seminary Passover Seder

Your Seder does not have to be elaborate, simple is best.
Most important is the experience, the discussion of symbols, etc.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Apostle Paul

As I am teaching the New Testament, I am developing a great love for the Apostle Paul (Saul) and his ability to teach and connect with a variety of audiences with confidence. I appreciate that he reaches "the one" yet can teach an entire town.
He teaches with the power of the Holy Ghost, knowing this is his greatest source of strength.
This is an example I strive to emulate in my teaching.
Illustration by Dan Burr
I recently read this article that describes much of what I admire about Paul.
It is fitting for all teachers. The Apostle Paul as Master Teacher