Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm A Mormon

Would you wear this to school?
Would you wear it all around town?
Would you "wear your religion on your shirt?"
Romans 1:16 helps answer these questions.
These kids would and are wearing this shirt today.
My Seminary students were challenged to wear this shirt today (some have school uniforms, so they were challenged to wear it before/after school or at a sports practice, etc.) Tomorrow we will discuss the reactions and conversations they had as a result of "wearing their religion on their shirts".
 Class Picture Day!
 These amazing youth proudly wear this shirt. 
They are examples of light and truth.

This is a group of youth who understand and live Romans 1:16

And I know you are asking how you can get a shirt like this.   Send me an email by May 1 for price and details if you would like to order one.
shaunahh at gmail dot com.

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