Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Living Water

When we studied Jesus Christ as the Living Water, I came up with an object for our
 Seminary In My Pocket collection.
First I researched the physical and health benefits of daily water intake.
I presented facts that supported the importance of daily water to our physical bodies
(We will die without it)
Then I presented the benefits of partaking of spiritual water, the words of Christ, each day.
(We will spiritually die without it)
We compared the need for physical and spiritual water.

For example:
Health benefit of drinking water daily= weight loss
Spiritual benefit= loss of our burdens as we turn them over to Christ

And so forth.
The Seminary In My Pocket object came as I presented each student with their own bottled water. I told them to drink in at some point during that day and rather than discard the lid/cap, put it in their pocket. The cap from the bottled water is now their reminder that Jesus Christ is The Living Water we need daily.

In addition to a discussion on The Living Water, we counted how many times since we started the book of John that Jesus used water to teach or perform miracles (example: Water into Wine, Healing the woman at the well, Teaching Nicodemus about the need to be born of water, Healing the man at the pool, etc.)

I testified that we will die physically without water or our bodies and we will die spiritually without daily drinking of the Living Water known as Jesus Christ and his teachings.

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