Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back To Class

It has been too long since I posted my Seminary ideas.
I had the best of intentions to update my blog, clean out my seminary closet and tote, plan my lessons for a month, etc
Instead, I enjoy family and getting some extra sleep.
I had a substitue the first week back to class due to a funeral I had to travel to and then, boom-back to Seminary hit.
I found it hard to get my head back on the Seminary schedule but this past week, everything came together again and we are moving forward.
I am so proud of my students.
I have 6 Scriptorians. 3 of them are Master Scriptorians.
I have 3-4 more who will become Scriptorians before the month is over.
We are preparing to have a Scripture Chase competition with another Ward so they are very serious about Scripture Mastery.

Here are my questions for other Seminary Teachers:
1) Did you have a difficult time starting in January after such a long break? 
How did you handle it? How do you stay motivated?

2) How do you make Scripture Mastery exciting? 

3 How much class time do you devote to Scripture Mastery?

Share your answers so we can all learn.

Stay tuned...I have so much to post and share.


  1. 1) Yes... it was difficult. I'm not sure I started out the best, I just did it...:) Going to my inservice meetings helps a lot! This time of year we all go out for breakfast with the Bishop and the student's parents for a seminary day. It comes out of the Bishop's budget.
    2) I try to do different things and am constantly looking for new things to try.
    3) I spend 5-6 minutes every day and 1 class per week on scripture mastery.

  2. January is a challenge for us because the school schedule is very irregular. We also usually end up with snow days, me making things worse. I do feel like my lessons are getting better now that we are in John. Starting Acts this week.

    I do scripture mastery when a lesson goes short. 3-4 times a year we do a whole class period.