Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scripture Chase and Scripture Mastery

Less expensive than laminating...
I used heavy duty page protectors for each of the Scripture Mastery references and clues.
They have stayed on the wall (cabinet) since October using "sticky tack".
Not one has moved from the original spot.
I use the page protectors for anything I want to use and re-use during the year.
I have not spent one dime or minute on laminating.
For now, I allow the students to refer to this wall when we are scripture chasing, but if they rely on it during competition, they usually don't open their books to the scripture in time to count for points.
We have 2 teams for Scripture Chasing and we keep a running score, 
adding points from new matches to previous scores.

Here is how we do Scripture Chasing:
  • I call out "Books Up" and students close their books and place their books out in front of them with the spine down and their hands on the front and back covers. No fingers touching the pages.
  • I call out a clue, key word, or state ask a question that can be answered in a specific scripture, then I say GO.
  • The first student to find the scripture yells CONTACT and holds their book up high.
  • The clock starts ticking for 10 seconds as soon as the first student yells CONTACT and I confirm they have the correct scripture.
  • During the 10 seconds, students from both teams try to find the scripture and yell CONTACT when they do.
  • After 10 seconds, I yell stop and students keep their books held high with their finger on the scripture.
  • The team with the student who yelled CONTACT first has the opportunity for 3 points
  • 1 point for being first and correct
  • 1 point for a student on the team being able to recite the scripture from memory (each team member may only recite a scripture 1 time until all team mates have had a turn) Team gets 2 tries (can be 2 students) to recite the scripture, otherwise, the opposing team may "steal" the point by reciting the scripture (they get 2 tries, also)
  • 1 point if everyone on the team finds the correct scripture within the 10 seconds.
We do individual scripture chasing most every day in class. Once a week, we divide in to the two teams for competition. It has been fun to see the students progress and develop confidence. They surprise themselves sometimes and the looks on their faces is priceless. 

It is easier to have another adult helping during the competition as you have to be in so many places at one time as they are yelling out CONTACT in rapid fire. I have 24+ students so another set of eyes is always helpful.

We have some very competitive students and I feared this could become a problem, but so far, not at all. I told them from the beginning that this was to be fun and for the purpose of learning and that if it ever got out of perspective or too aggressive, we would stop immediately. Knowing my students, this warning was not necessary but I covered my bases.

We are preparing to compete with another Seminary Class in our Stake and I am confident they will do well.

How do you Scripture Chase with your class?

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  1. This is wonderful Shauna! Love your page protector idea...I've done some laminating and it drives me crazy! We started out by just learning the keywords and books....