Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am The Bread Of Life

John 6- I am The Bread of Life
As we are learning the various names and titles of Jesus, we discussed the title of The Living Bread, The Bread of Life in John 6
As a bonus, we baked fresh bread and made butter. See below the photos for details

The optimum would have been to make the dough in class and have them knead it and I could have baked it for the next day. I figured out a way to have them actively involved and have freshly baked bread on the day we discussed the title Bread of Life:
I use frozen roll dough. The kind that already comes in the tin foil pan and does not need any defrosting. Hooray.
I got the Publix brand.
It has to sit out for 20 minutes before baking it for 20 minutes. The drive to Seminary and set up time made more than the 20 minutes of sitting out time.
I put it in the oven right when class was starting so they could smell it as it baked.
Each student had a jar filled half way with cream.
They were instructed to shake the cream until it was no longer liquid and that they would have butter if they followed the instructions.
While I taught from John 6, the students shook.
This could have been very disruptive but it proved to be just the opposite.
They were totally in to the lesson and participated along the way.
When the timer rang, I had a student go take the bread out of the oven and leave it in the kitchen while we completed the lesson.
The aroma traveled to our classroom and it was a perfect way to end the lesson comparing
physical and spiritual nourishment, thirst, hunger, etc.
We then enjoyed our freshly baked bread topped with freshly made butter.

Some day I do want to mix up bread dough in class and bake it. I'll figure out the logistics when the time is right. The time goes so quickly at 6am each day.

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