Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart Attack In The Making

Studying John 13-17 during Valentines Week was perfectly timed.
The Savior taught about love 34 times in those 5 chapters.
I had the kids make Valentines to decorate the Bishops' doors and the hallway near the main entrance.
The Valentines were addressed to many people in the ward.
I told them to think about those who may not be as obvious as the Bishop or Youth Leaders.
Some of the kids gave a great deal of thought to make the members of both wards in our building feel special.
As we lined the walls with the Valentines, 
I was sure of one thing...This is the BEST kind of Heart Attack ever.
Not to mention, the ONLY kind of Heart Attack you would ever want.
 I wish I had allowed more time for this activity. As soon as everyone caught the vision of it, the clock reminded us it was time to pack up and be off to school

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