Saturday, February 2, 2013

Books of New Testament Relay

  • Divide class into teams (smaller teams are better so students get to participate at a deeper level)
  • Give each team a bag that contains the names of the books of the New Testament written on individual cards-I used 1/2 size of a piece of construction paper. 
  • One at a time have a team member draw a card out of the bag and race to the opposite wall to post. (provide masking tape or sticky tack)
  • As soon as a student posts their card, they race back and tag the next team member who does the same. Continue this process until all cards are drawn.
  • Once all the cards are posted, the team members race down to the wall and make any corrections needed.
  • When they are confident their cards are in order, they all sit down and you can check for accuracy.
  • If your class is very small or you don't have space for a relay, just give teams a bag and have them arrange the book names in order in the space that works best.
  • Adapt this for learning the  Old Testament or Book of Mormon books
Great way to learn and reinforce the books of the New Testament in order.

 The end result.

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