Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Whole Armor of God

Put on The Whole Armor of God
This was a 2-day activity and worth the class time.
One day, I introduced Paul's teachings on the whole armor of God and
 they spent the last half of class divided in to groups making their armor. 
I had them refer to the scriptures to make sure they had all of the pieces of armor Paul taught about. 
The next day, they came in and did some last minute finishing of their armor.
 After that, they modeled the armor and we checked off their armor against 
the pieces Paul taught in Ephesians.
After the "fashion show", we compared physical armor vs spiritual armor and parts of the body each piece of armor protects physically and spiritually.
It was a very effective lesson. 
We ended with the New Testament Video, The Whole Armor of God.

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