Friday, May 31, 2013

End Of The Year Breakfast Celebration

We celebrated the end of a wonderful Seminary year with breakfast.
Parents, Leaders, Siblings, and incoming 8th graders were invited.
Click HERE to read how I moved the 8th graders to the Freshman table,
Freshmen to the Sophomore table, 
the Sophomores to the Junior table, 
Juniors to the Senior table, 
and the Seniors out the door with their scriptures and Seminary supplies. 
During breakfast, the Seniors were seated at a head table and we honored them.
All Scriptorians and Master Scriptorians were honored.
They will receive their plaques in Sacrament Meeting next week.
Each student received one of these candy scriptures
(Thank you, Pinterest)
We still have 2 Sacrament meetings to speak/sing in.
I will take better photos of the kids that day.
I missed several of the kids today when I had the camera out.
Time goes so quickly at 6am.
We had an on-going slide show in the background. 
It was a fun review of where we have been.
I framed the quote below for all students who memorized at least one scripture
(which was all of them)
The Master Scriptorians and Scriptorians received "upgraded" frames.
The tables were labelled by grade level and at each place setting, 
I placed the students' items from class, 
including the sticks with their names on them that I use for choosing prayers, devotionals, etc.

The Senior table
Graduation decorations for the Senior table.

Some of my amazing Seniors.
I will miss their leadership and energy.
The girls are twins
Some of the incoming Seniors
The two girls are twins
(Yes, I have 2 sets of twins in my class)
Sophomores soon to be Juniors

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  1. I actually just graduated from Seminary today. So emotional about leaving. They were the best four years of my life :)