Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Pass It On" Game

This activity illustrates the importance of written records:
I used it to reinforce how important it was that the words King Benjamin taught were written down and sent to those in the far areas who could not hear him as he spoke. What would have been the result had the people verbally passed the word?
Use this activity any time you are teaching the blessing and importance of written records:
This game is known by name such as "telephone" or "gossip"

Whisper a phrase in a students ear (I started with "serving God is serving others") have them whisper to the next student and continue passing the message around to each student until everyone has heard the message. Have the last student repeat what they heard. Rarely is it the exact same message. In this case, the final message came out as: "something God says love one another"

I had the message written down and showed it to the students, then asked how many heard this message. It was interesting to see how early the communication was confused and diluted.

In addition to being fun, this created some great discussion and I am sure it had an impact on the students.

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