Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Zion's Camp

Doctrine and Covenants Sections 103 and 105-Zion's Camp

As my students  entered the building yesterday and today, they were greeted by these signs:
We started class with our prayer and devotional.
We sang Hymn #250 We Are All Enlisted
After devotional, I called them all to attention, asked if they had their supplies and if they had made arrangements for the care of their families, homes, crops, and businesses while they were gone. Then off we marched from room to room (see more details below)

Entrance Door
 Up Close

Yesterday, I showed the movie Zion's Camp
and today we marched from room to room discussing the:

1) Miracles witnessed
2) Trails experienced
3) Warnings given
4) Lessons learned
Our discussions came from D&C  Sections 103 and 105 and this lesson from the Church History and the Fullness of Times Manual

In each room, we discussed another aspect of Zion's Camp.
Ultimately, they were to answer these questions as part of our conclusion:
1) What was the true purpose of Zion's Camp
2) Would you have joined Zion's Camp?
3) Will you join Zion's Camp (the Lord's Army) today?
4) How can you be a member of the Lord's Army every day?

We had some great discussions and moving from room to room was very effective.


  1. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. This is a wonderful idea. I'll be using it tomorrow in my institute class - but on the other side of the world in Germany.I also delegated the different areas to talk about to my students. Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well. And thank you again!