Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Forgiving Others- Part 2

Object Lesson:

In 2 Corinthians 2:11, the Apostle Paul teaches that when we don't forgive others, we give satan an advantage over us.
I showed this powerful video, click HERE  and used the following object lesson based on a few ideas I have seen.

This object lesson demonstrates the protection that forgiving others brings to us.
Other applications for this object lesson: Put on the whole armor of God-Arming ourselves with spiritual protection, etc.

Here are the supplies and method:
1) Jar of "Forgiveness" aka Liquid Dishwashing Soap (I used Dawn)
2) Container of "Temptation, Evil, Spiritual Danger, Wickedness" aka Ground Pepper
3) Clear glass bowl filled with water
 The bowl of clean water represents the world
 Add some Temptation, Evil, Spiritual Danger, and Wickedness to the world
Dip your finger into the world  filled with evil and it will come out covered with pepper, "evil"
Clean your finger completely and dip it into the jar of "Forgiveness"
Dip the finger coated with "Forgiveness" in the center of the dirty water.
The "Temptation, Evil, Spiritual Danger, and Wickedness" scatter to the edges of the bowl and will not stick to your finger that is protected with "Forgiveness"
 Your finger will come out clean demonstrating that forgiving others protects us from satan's influences. Satan will not have an advantage over us when we forgive others.

Forgiving Others

In 2 Corinthians 2:11, Paul teaches that when we don't forgive others, we give satan an advantage over us.
This powerful video featuring Kristy Glass shows the importance of forgiving others-even those who never apologize to us. Click HERE to view.
I told my students that one of the most difficult things they would ever have to do is to forgive someone who does not show remorse or never apologizes.
Forgiving others is not for them, it is for us and Kristy clearly shares this principle.

Image from Soulseeds

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

General Conference Countdown Part 2

We made our General Conference Countdown paper chain this morning. It was a wonderful activity that supported Acts 27 when Paul and the other prisoners were taken on a ship. He warned everyone that it was not a safe time to travel due to weather conditions. It was storm season. He tried to warn them but they tried to sail anyhow. This ended with the prisoners and crew shipwrecked. We discussed how heading the counsel of Prophets will help us avoid storms, whirlwinds, and experiencing our own "shipwreck"

With 31 days until General Conference, on 15 of the paper strips, we wrote the names of the current Prophet, his counselors, and the 12 Apostles.
On the remaining strips of paper, we wrote principles and doctrines we have received counsel on from Prophets.
Each day, during devotional, we will remove a link. If there is a name, we will learn about that person, if there is a doctrine or principle, we will discuss quotes and scriptures that teach and give counsel on that subject.

I love when I have an idea and I can feel the Lord take over and fine tune the details. He is in charge.