Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LDS General Conference Preparation

Making the Most of LDS General Conference

The week before LDS General Conference, I spend time encouraging my students to prepare their hearts and minds for the messages from our leaders.
As part of the preparation, I challenge them to write down one question they would like answered as they watch/listen to each session of LDS General Conference.
The instructions on this M&Ms tag are brief and to the point.

  • Write down a question (s)
  • Pray about it
  • Listen for answers (I add...write down the answers and remember they are personal revelation)

The last day of class before General Conference, each student receives their own"Make the Most of General Conference" bag of M&Ms.
Once their question (s) is written down, I tell them to open the bag of candy and eat it as they enjoy General Conference.
Here  and Here are instructions for downloading the M&M General Conference tags (not created by me-see links)
HERE is a link for copying the M&M attachments
Here is a link to my Pinterest Board with additional General Conference ideas.

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