Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Re-Charging and Hitting a Wall

Welcome Back and Time to Finish Strong!

We returned to school and Seminary today after a much-needed Spring Break.

Prior to the break, I had hit a "Seminary Wall" and was feeling more burned out than I can remember feeling in the last 3 years. I recognized the burn out and that my students were not getting my best efforts. My students and I were tired due to the time change and the busy-ness of spring was pressing down on us from every direction.
Spring Break came not one minute too soon and I was able to re-group and refresh my body, mind, and spirit. I went in to Spring Break conscious of the need to slow down and charge up. I believe I did this and it felt good to return today.

Knowing that I set the tone for our class, I was determined to return fresh inside and out. I even made sure I wore bright spring colors rather than my usual dark skirts and tops.

What do you do to recharge?
Have you ever "hit a wall" in your Seminary teaching?
How do you/did you handle it?

This message from President Monson, "Finishers Wanted", was on my mind as I prepared to return to class and encourage my students to "Finish Strong".

These signs set the tone on the entrance door this morning:

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