Friday, August 28, 2015

Kiss or Cry- Scripture Mastery Activity

For the first 2 weeks of class, I have encouraged my students to mark all 25 Scripture Mastery verses.
As part of the "Studying Scriptures" lesson, we discussed various ways to mark scriptures.
Over the 4 years of Seminary, I encourage them to mark all 100 Scripture Mastery verses with a uniform color and method so when they are looking through their scriptures, those verses stand out as Scripture Mastery verses.
I show them several different examples and hope that they choose what works best for them and will develop their own system of marking scriptures as they study.

Today we played "Kiss or Cry", an idea I got from another Seminary Teacher.

How to play:
Call out any Scripture Mastery reference and the students all turn to it.
If they have it marked, they receive a Kiss (Hershey Kiss)
If not, they "cry" and no kiss is received.
Usually, those who don't have it marked start marking and by the time you play this in a few weeks, they don't miss out on receiving a kiss.

A nice aspect of this activity is that you can do it for 1 or 2 verses as a quick review on a lesson day or turn it in to a full activity for a flex day.

Today, I had our Bishop come in and play the game with them, however, you don't need to invite a special guest and this can take as much or little time as you determine to use.

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