Monday, July 15, 2013

Scripture Mastery Cards

 As I previously wrote, there is a challenge with the printing of the 2013 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Cards. Below are photos of the former printing format side by side with the new format. Scripture Mastery Cards are a integral part of Seminary. My students carry them in their pockets, backpacks, car consoles, etc. for the purpose of learning and memorizing all 25 scriptures.  This is something they can do outside of class and is an effective way for them to keep the scriptures at the focus of their every day lives. I am certain this was key in so many of my students memorizing all or most of the 25 scripture mastery scriptures last year.

Originally, these cards come in a large sheet. Students separate them at the perforated lines, put them in order, hole punch the corner, and place a book ring through the holes. I have used yarn, ribbon, and rubber bands to hold the cards together but nothing works as well as the book rings. They are well worn at the end of the school year and you may have to use the small re-inforcement holes if the original holes become torn.

I will do my best to describe each photo:

On the cards at the top of the photo, you can see the printing format from previous years and on the bottom is a sample of the new printing. (New Testament-Book of Mormon)

  • With the old cards (at top of photo), the scripture reference is printed on the top of the card with the full verse. 
  • Note the new cards (at bottom of photo), the scripture is printed but no reference. This is awkward when using the cards for memorization and reading. 
  • When the card is hole-punched, the words on the old cards (at top of photo) are not affected, 
  • The words on the new cards are printed so high at the top of the card that, without exception, words are lost with every hole punched. Once again, very awkward, especially for those who are memorizing the scriptures word for word.

 By punching the hole at the bottom corner of the cards, losing words is avoided, however, this does not solve the issue of having the scripture reference printed at the top of the actual scripture.

Below are more photo examples of old and new printing format:
Old Format:
Reference and full verse on card
New Printing:
Verse only-no reference
 New Format:
Front of cards with Scripture reference, key words, doctrines, 
and historical settings has not changed.

I am sure with the change of the 25 scripture mastery verses for this year, that there was rush to get cards printed and distributed to Seminary classes all over the world. When another printing is planned, I am hoping these challenges are addressed and corrected.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this! I am putting my student's SM cards on rings too and I am just thankful I noticed BEFORE I punched the holes... haha! Hopefully they will correct this for the next printing!

  2. I experienced the same problem as well - wondered who had done the printing! Having the scripture reference at the top is better and pushing the text lower would make it easier.

    Who do we advise as it now 2014 and we still got the problem.