Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Class Journals

A few weeks ago, I asked for ideas on how to use journals in Seminary Class. I feel strongly about having journals as part of our daily class. I continue to ponder the right format to use for my upcoming year. Shannon, at The Redheaded Hostess gave some fabulous suggestions on how to use Classroom Journals. Click HERE for her wonderful insight.
I love the link she gives for how to format a talk to pamphlet size. This helps with my thoughts on the size and type of class journal I am considering.
Thank you for sharing!
Our Regional Seminary training is this Saturday in Orlando. I am completely excited to attend. I am studying the Book of Mormon each day and hope to focus in on just the right journal format to use after the training.

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  1. I just came across your site and I love our journals. I had wanted the youth to be able to remember all that we learned in Seminary and also to look back at when they gave talks etc. I used the approach of topic based journals where each page has a gospel topic already printed on it, then I put it in a binder with title page and other info. Then when we are in class and we read I ask them Now where would you put that in your journal? It causes them to look at the scripture and find what doctrine it teaches. Sometimes they come up with different places to write it which is great because when I read a scripture I might find something different than the person next to me. I usually have a question for them to write on or this is where they can glue in quotes I hand out. I remind them to include the scripture reference, thoughts, background and their feelings about it. Students use the journal for all 4 years so it is packed full of info when they are done.