Friday, April 5, 2013

Beware False Idols: Acts 16-20

We made False Idols today. It was very effective and created some great discussion.
We discussed how easily people are led away from The Lord and begin to worship the false idols of the world.

Thanks to my Seminary Friend, Pam, I remembered to break out the Playdough for today's lesson. I have had several ideas for using Playdough and this worked very well. I used store-bought Playdough as I knew the kids would want a variety of colors, but making the Playdough would have been a fun option, also. Make sure you have tools for them to work with. I gave everyone a plastic knife, fork, and spoon. With 20+ students, I did not have enough tools for everyone to have their own rolling pin, etc., but bring an assortment of kitchen gadgets and their creativity will do the rest.

We studied the following scriptures:
Acts 17: 16 Idolatry
Acts 17:23 Unknown God Worship
Acts 17: 29 We are all children of God
Acts 20: 29-30 Deception
We discussed Apostasy (The Church then and Personal Apostasy now) 
Reformation and Restoration (timely since tomorrow is April 6-the 183 anniversary of the Restoration of The Fullness of The Gospel on Earth)

I LOVE Teaching Seminary.
I LOVE My Students.
I LOVE The Gospel of Jesus Christ
I LOVE My Savior Jesus Christ

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