Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When He Comes Again

Music teaches and touches our hearts in a way that words cannot.
For our lesson on the Second Coming of Christ, we closed by singing, When He Comes Again.
I gave a copy of the music to each of my students and had them stand as a choir (all 6 of them) and sing.
The room was filled with the Spirit.
It was beautiful
The music I copied for each student is HERE or HERE
I used the accompaniment from the Children's Songbook in the LDS Music Library.

Another option is to have students sing along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir using THIS LINK

Too many times, when we discuss the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we focus on the negative, dreadful events that will happen. This song is a reminder of how sweet it will be to meet our Savior. The message brings hope and a clear vision of how blessed that day will be.

Use this song with any discussion/lesson on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Use this method of having students sing with any lesson that has a powerful hymn to teach and reinforce the doctrines and principles taught.

Image is from, Children's Songbook

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