Wednesday, March 1, 2017

General Conference Countdown Part 2

We made our General Conference Countdown paper chain this morning. It was a wonderful activity that supported Acts 27 when Paul and the other prisoners were taken on a ship. He warned everyone that it was not a safe time to travel due to weather conditions. It was storm season. He tried to warn them but they tried to sail anyhow. This ended with the prisoners and crew shipwrecked. We discussed how heading the counsel of Prophets will help us avoid storms, whirlwinds, and experiencing our own "shipwreck"

With 31 days until General Conference, on 15 of the paper strips, we wrote the names of the current Prophet, his counselors, and the 12 Apostles.
On the remaining strips of paper, we wrote principles and doctrines we have received counsel on from Prophets.
Each day, during devotional, we will remove a link. If there is a name, we will learn about that person, if there is a doctrine or principle, we will discuss quotes and scriptures that teach and give counsel on that subject.

I love when I have an idea and I can feel the Lord take over and fine tune the details. He is in charge.

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