Saturday, August 20, 2016

Books of the New Testament Activity

At the beginning of the year, I teach my students the Books of the New Testament in order.
This is very basic and for some, a review.
The most effective method is to use "The Books of the New Testament" song in the LDS Children's Songbook on page 116. Sung to the tune of the Hymn, "Praise to the Man"

After introducing this song and reviewing it for a few days, your students are ready for this activity to reinforce what they have learned.

Depending on the number of students you will need to adapt it.
Place the name of one of the books on the back of each student ( I just use masking tape or clothes pins to attach the paper)
Instruct the students that without any talking, they need to line up in order starting with Matthew and ending with Revelations.
Once they are lined up, ask them if they think they are in order.
They will check and re-check themselves.
It is fun to watch.
You will learn a lot about your students and their personalities, leadership, interaction with others, etc. as you observe them in this activity that requires working together and problem solving.
 These photos are from my first year as a Seminary Teacher when I was quite sure I did not know in the world I was doing. My class was behind and I came in after they had been meeting for a month. I look at these photos and see my CES Supervisor who had visited that day to officially welcome me as a teacher. seems like ages ago and I am still trying  to figure out what works best. It changes for each year and each set of students.

There are 27 books so if you need to combine
Write a few names on one paper, such as:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Acts, Romans
1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians

Games and Activities teach in a way no classroom lecture can.
Learning the books of the New Testament gives students the confidence to become more comfortable searching the scriptures.

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