Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Amos and The Pie Face Game

Amos warned the Israelites that they would be destroyed if they did not repent.
If they continued to reject the Lord's Prophets, the Lord would remove Prophets from among them.

The Old Testament Seminary Lesson for Amos  (#150) suggests opening class with these questions:

1) Have you ever tried to warn someone who did not heed your warning? What happened to that person as a result?
2) Has someone ever tried to ward you, but you did not heed the warning? What happened to you as a result?

I added:
Do you think the counsel of the Prophet is for everyone else and you are fine to not follow certain counsel that may not fit your personal ideas? Do you "pick and choose" what you follow?

Do you know other people who don't think following the counsel of the Prophet is necessary? How does it affect their life?

Enter- The Pie Face Game
I fully informed my students about the game, what would happen if they turned the knob enough times, or even one time. I gave them all the option to not play the game, however, still knowing the consequences of turning the knob, several opted to play. Some did not get hit in the face with a pile of whipped cream and others did.

The discussion about listening to warnings fit perfectly with taking a chance of getting hit in the face with a pie during this game.

The Pie Face Game at Seminary? Who'd have thought?! I have been wondering how it would fit with a lesson for several months and last night, it hit me. This is the time of year, we need variety and a lot of change of pace. The Pie Face Game did not disappoint. Such FABULOUS discussion.

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  1. I ordered this game in Feb from Amazon. Still not here! I can hardly wait to get it, it looks like a blast!!!