Wednesday, September 16, 2015


As a wrap up and review of Moses 7, we did an activity based on Moses 7:18
(See photos below)
"And the Lord called his people Zion, 
because they were of one heart and one mind, 
and dwelt in righteousness; 
and there was no poor among them."

I made up an obstacle course with "Zion" and the "City of Enoch" as the end goal.
A few of the students were blindfolded (representing the "residue" and wickedness that surrounded the people of Enoch before they were translated 
The remainder of the students represented the righteous and were already in the City of Enoch-Zion. They were instructed to guide those with blindfolds to join them as they experienced:
One in Heart.
One in Mind
No Poor among them
( I had chairs labelled with these attributes that the students had to touch as they were navigated through the obstacle course)

I gave them very basic instructions at first:
1) The blindfolded students needed to follow the tape on the floor from place to place, in the order they find the the description of Zion in Moses 7:18.  (One in Heart, One in Mind, Dwelt in Righteousness, No Poor among them)
2) They would need to touch the chair with the corresponding picture and then move to the next chair following the instructions from those in the City of Enoch
3) They could not touch those with the blindfolds on
4) They had to stay in "Zion"  at the end of the room behind a line

At first is was chaos because all 5 blindfolded students started at one time and all of the people in Zion were yelling at them with different instructions and directions all at once.

At that point, I stopped them and asked how they they this was working out and if this was how a Zion people operate.

The students who were in Zion re-grouped and made a plan (UNITY) they appointed a leader and instructed one blindfolded person at a time to navigate the obstacle course and had only one person at a time calling out instructions. 
With this strategy, the blindfolded person quickly made it to Zion where they all welcomed them with open arms, cheers, and high-fives, etc.
This was repeated, and each time, the instructions were clearer and the person was navigated to Zion in a more efficient manner.

At the end there was an envelope for all to open that instructed them to go as a group to the kitchen for a treat after we had closing prayer. Before prayer we compared this activity to Moses 7:18 and gave us the opportunity to discuss the attributes of a Zion people, Unity, and what we need to do as a class to create more unity before we can expect to become a Zion people.

If I had more time, I would have used more of the verses from Moses 7 and labelled obstacles as chains, mountains, residue, giants, etc.  As it was, I just used extra chairs, tables, music stands, etc. from around the building.


  1. Good idea, thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. Good idea, thanks for taking the time to share.