Monday, May 11, 2015

Latter-day Prophets Line-up

This is a fun and effective way to review the names of the Latter-day Prophets:
Place the name of one of the Latter-day Prophets on the back of each student.
(if you have less than 16 students, double up the names, i.e. place two names that are next to each other in succession on the same person's back-if you have more than 16 students, have the students without names coach the players with names on their backs to get in the right place)

Without talking, have them line up in order starting with Joseph Smith and ending with Thomas S Monson. Then have them check themselves.
Once they are lined up, sing the Latter-day Prophets Primary Song.
It is fun to watch them work together to get all the names in chronological order.

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