Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scripture Egg Hunt

Use this Easter ABC activity for a Scripture Egg Hunt

"Easter ABC Fill-in" from the Friend magazine, April 1996
There are 25 questions, all relating to Easter, each answer begins with one of the letters of the alphabet, excluding "x".

Idea #1:

  • Copy the questions.
  • Cut the questions in to word strips
  • Fold the word strips and place each one inside a corresponding plastic egg (example, the "A" Question has an "A" written on the outside of the egg) 
  • Hide the eggs 
  • Have individuals or teams work to find 25 eggs, one for each letter of the alphabet, excluding the letter "x"
  • After the eggs are found have participants open each egg and answer the questions, either verbally or written. 
  • Use this as a base for an Easter discussion
Idea #2 (works will with larger groups) _I use 27 eggs for this method
  • Copy the questions
  • Cut the questions in to word strips
  • Place the word strips for all 25 questions inside 25 of the same color egg, no writing letters on the outside 
  • Have 1 color egg for each team to hunt for (example-if you have 5 teams, have 5 different colors of eggs, 27 of each)
  • With the 2 extra eggs, I have one labeled "start" and one labeled "End" 
  • In the "start" egg, I have a small paper with the written instructions such as:
  • 1) where to hunt 2) not to open the eggs until they find all 25 2) come back to the group (or classroom) and work together to answer all questions, using their scriptures, if necessary.        3) Check their answers 4) Open the "end" egg once they have all the correct answers.
  • In the "end" egg, I tell them where to go to look for a Happy Easter treat (small goodies, baskets, bags, breakfast, etc)
Other Ideas:
  • Use this as a classroom or family game with everyone drawing letters of the alphabet to answer the corresponding questions.
  • Use as an activity at Easter Dinner-great discussion.
  • Simply print the sheet and have students answer as many questions as possible in a specific amount of time
  • Use as "question of the day" in the days/weeks leading up to Easter.
  • Seminary adaptation: Use the 25 Scripture Mastery verses with key word clues inside the eggs. So many directions to go with this idea as a base.
Leave a comment for other ideas and adaptations.
Wishing all a Happy and Blessed Easter

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