Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gratitude Doors

It is one thing to teach gratitude, but another to live it.
We studied the 10 Lepers this week as we learned about gratitude.
The 1 Leper who returned to Christ to thank him was healed on the inside and the outside, 
while the other 9 were only healed on the outside.
We spent time last week discussing Disciples vs Hypocrites. 
It tied in to most of the lessons and I would always go back to the question,
What are YOU?
This brought us to gratitude and how to live with a heart of thanksgiving every day.
We decided we needed to thank people for specific things.
Hence, Gratitude Doors to greet our Bishops.

Yesterday, the students made notes of gratitude for the Bishops.
My Seminary class includes students from the 2 Wards that meet in our building. We have the unique blessing of having both Bishops present every morning during class. I know that they usually go to their offices while we are in class, so this was their greeting this morning. 

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